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FwcLegends, formerly known by its symbol FWCL, has taken a bold step by embracing Ethereumpires as its new home. This decision reflects a broader trend within the gaming and blockchain community, where Ethereum-based platforms are gaining recognition for their robustness, security, and decentralized nature. One of the primary reasons behind this transition is to enhance the security measures surrounding FwcLegends' operations. Ethereumpires, built on the Ethereum blockchain, is renowned for its cutting-edge security protocols and smart contract capabilities. By migrating to Ethereumpires, FwcLegends aims to provide its users with a safer and more secure gaming environment. The transition to Ethereumpires involves several crucial steps. First and foremost, the symbol of FwcLegends will undergo a significant transformation, changing from FWCL to ETE. This symbolic shift not only represents the platform's evolution but also aligns it more closely with the Ethereumpires ecosystem. FwcLegends is also committed to providing transparent and up-to-date information. CoinMarketCap (CMC) and CoinGecko (CG) sites will be updated soon to reflect the platform's migration to Ethereumpires. These updates will ensure that users have access to accurate and real-time data regarding FwcLegends' performance and symbol change

Old version name: Fwclegends (FWCL)
New version name: Etherempires (ETE)

Old Email:
New Email:

Old Site:
New Site:

Old Contact: 0x83adb07bb91ddde95a24982f1b2d343963ba3995
New Contract: 0xd27b128dc6536309cdebf7f1aff0cb7717bc0268

Humans had reigned over earth planet and all its resources for a long time, and their voracious longing for conquering and controlling resources of other planets had increased. Humans had significant achievements in the field of technology and imagined that were ready for Advance War and nothing could prevent them from reaching their goals, but this imagination was a wrong one Because strangers attacked earth planet sooner and irreparable damages occurred which caused beginning of great resurrection and awakening of legends for taking throne.


Collection Of Cards

Over 500+ characters, discover and possess mortal persons who govern this holy land and each one has synthetic synergy and extraordinary abilities. Update your cards and change them to powerful evolutions so that promote their power and value for battle to the max level so you can form unbeatable team of legends.

Isablla Jones
Megatra Pro
Ken Lee
Baby Dragon
Jacob Bar
Bros Forever
Rolo Gold


PancakeswapDextools  Cointiger

About Team

Fwcl founder team plays an important role in planning , development and implementation of our vision regarding the products and services that we provide . Fwcl team has a transparency , novelly and autonomy that supports variety among members and that enhances our development . Fwcl Founder Team has a decentralized structure in which responsibilities are distributed among different levels. This structure includes individuals who are from software engineering, project management, business development and designers. Fwcl Team is supported by a strong consultation board with experience in the field of entertainment and obtaining income including game and nft.

Dark Master

Dark Master

CEO (Co-founder)
Bad Captain

Bad Captain

CTO (Co-founder)
Kill Master

Kill Master

CSO (Co-founder)


COO (Co-founder)


CMO (Co-founder)




What Is Legends Governance Coin?

Legends Governance token is given by developers to $fwcl holders for the purpose of making decisions that will dictate a protocol's future.

Coin holders have a say in decisions about new feature proposals and changes to the project's governance system.

What Is Legends $FWCL?

Legends, is an open-world exploratory, action, strategic, intellectual and enigmatic game and collector of NFT cards that has been built on binance chain and will be published on personal computers and Mac and mobile phones (ios and android) until 2025. 

How Does Legends Work?

Legends Game coin ($FWCL) is a BEP-20 coin used in the Legends Game Metaverse. FWCL coins are the fuel of the Legends Game economy. This coin can be used to purchase in-game NFT items, earn Play-To-Earn rewards, and earn Staking rewards. FWCL coins can be bought on PancakeSwap and CoinTiger

What Makes Legends Unique?

Legends of Elysium offers a thriving game ecosystem which gives players a perfect combination of challenging entertainment with earning opportunities.